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Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of incredible food with vouchers for Scott Pickett’s restaurants. It’s basically a ticket to any of a wide range of unique experiences, with one thing in common: no matter what the recipient chooses, they’ll get an incredible food experience.

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The Lupo Hamper

Give the gift of food. The Lupo Hamper is the perfect gift for the home cook!

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Marriage of Flavours

Sweet. Sour. Bitter. Salty. Spicy. Umami. Temperature. Texture.

The marriage of contrasting and complementary flavours has driven Scott’s way of cooking since the early days of his career, earning him a reputation for brilliant combinations and incredibly tasty food.

From Scott’s interpretations of the classic combinations to more unusual pairings that bring unexpected sensory delight, these are dishes and ideas to help you find a new harmony in the way you cook.

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Something to read …

Scott Pickett:
A Cook’s Story

A Cook’s Story tells of a life that combines a passion for food with the art and craft of cooking. It’s an open and sometimes confronting account of dramas in the kitchen, the roller-coaster of opening a restaurant, the demands of opening more, and the pleasures and challenges of competition and success.

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