Longrain 2.0

Long live Longrain!


Longrain will open its doors and welcome diners once more, reopening as soon as we are able post COVID.
“Upon hearing the announcement of its impending closure, I phoned Lisa and John van Haandel & told them how much I have always loved Longrain, it’s a wonderful brand and venue, and I didn’t want to see that disappear.
I am stoked that the team is staying on and we can continue this iconic Melbourne venue. Longrain 2.0 I call it!” says Scott Pickett.

Longrain is a Melbourne dining institution, Head chef Arté Assavakavinvong – who has been with the venue for six years – and his team will continue to cook the signature Longrain dishes. We will also add new dishes to the menu inspired by authentic Thai cuisine from their own villages, yet with a classic Pickett twist. The front of house the team will remain, with Natasha Firman who has been there 15 years as Operations Manager supported by restaurant managers Guillaume Bonange and Lauren Tow.

Whilst we haven’t been able to open our doors as soon as we would like, we have joined forces with Providoor where you can be the chef for the night and finish the dishes at home. It’s super-easy to get the flavours you want, when you want.

We can’t wait to see you, but for now enjoy Longrain at home! 

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44 Little Bourke Stree, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000 Australia


03 9653 1600   |  E info@longrainmelbourne.com